About Our Parlour & Pet Grooming Services

Picture of a Maine Coon cat, a Chihuahua and a Bernese Mountain dog ready to be groomed

Brenda’s Parlour provides professional grooming, clipping & washing services for both dogs and cats.

Call us at (506) 858-9947 to schedule an appointment for your pet.

Dogs Owners Will Love Our Styling Services

At Brenda’s, we can cut and style your pooch to perfection!

You and your pet will benefit from our progressive training philosophy and exceptional instruction. We have a group of staff and students who absolutely love animals!

Our staff and students are compassionate about their studies, the pets, and our human clientele. All bathing and trimming are done by the students under the guidance of instructors.

Most grooms take between two(2) and three(3) hours to complete. This is based on the size, coat condition, trim style as well as the skill level of the student stylist.

Looking For A Nail Trim Only?

If you just need your pet’s nails trimmed, we are happy to do those without an appointment

Simply stop by our grooming parlour at 209 Collishaw St. (Unit B), Moncton, NB during our business hours.