Brenda’s Academy Curriculum: See What You’ll Learn

The test of time has proven that a minimum of 16 weeks is necessary to sufficiently teach the basics of grooming and instill in each student that extra sense of confidence needed to groom professionally.

At Brenda’s Academy of Professional Dog Grooming in Moncton, our philosophy places major emphasis on building grooming skills through actual practical classroom experience. After an initial orientation session, students work on live dogs under close supervision by the instructors. Students are given extensive individual guidance, and class size is limited to provide maximum attention to each student.

Here are the courses you'll be completing over the duration of the program:

  • Grooming demonstration
  • Brushing
  • Bathing & de-matting
  • Poodle breed standard
  • Table & cage sanitation
  • Determining poodle sizes
  • Standard poodle clips & variations
  • Dog anatomy
  • Cleaning ears & clipping nails
  • Cage drying & fluff drying
  • Tools of the trade
  • Scissor control & patterns
  • Clipping face & feet
  • Clipping tail & body
  • Mustaches & top knots
  • Blending, shaping & scissoring
  • Terrier breeds & their specific styles
  • Spaniel breeds & their specific styles
  • External parasites
  • Expressing anal glands
  • Grooming cats (optional)
  • Getting your business started
  • Receiving customer's dogs
  • Skin disorders
  • Customer relations

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